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Our wetlands destroyed for their profit

We’re being told, not asked, to embrace an international boarding school development that will ruin 443 acres of wetlands, forests and rock barrens by building 3-4 story buildings, roads, sportsplex, parking lots and maintenance buildings.

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Longer hospital wait times, more stress on all of our infrastructure

The population of Bracebridge will increase by more than 2,000 people, an influx that will:

  • Increase wait times at our hospital and put even more stress on overstressed local health care.
  • Overrun and overcrowd our beaches and parks that are already jammed.
  • Stress our water treatment plant, max out our landfill and dump untreated storm water and run off from parking lots into our lakes and wetlands.
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Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare

False claims on teaching and other jobs

Teaching jobs will not go to locals. Once short-lived construction jobs are gone, we’re left with all the costs and none of the high-paying jobs.

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Muskoka Town

Downtown businesses damaged

The road that will be built on these wetlands will launch the Hwy 118 bypass project, resulting in a loss of traffic that downtown Bracebridge businesses count on.

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A unique Muskoka vista destroyed

This school will be built on a ridge, higher than any other building not only in Bracebridge but in Muskoka. The natural views from the lake? Gone forever, replaced by a monolithic institution.

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Let's Protect Muskoka

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