This is not a school for Ontario students or teachers.

International boarding schools do not hire local teachers. They hire international teachers who can best relate to their students and justify charging $50,000 for tuition and boarding. Don’t be misled by vague wording about “some Ontario-trained teachers” being hired from the developer behind Muskoka Royale College. It won’t happen.

Nor is there any guarantee that local construction firms will be building the school. All we have is another vague promise that local firms will have the “opportunity” to bid on the construction work.

Let’s be clear. This is a development driven from Toronto. These jobs will go to Toronto interests, to friends of the developer and firms he has worked with. Expect local construction jobs to be few and far between, if there are any at all.

We need local construction jobs in Bracebridge. We need them to build necessities like affordable housing, new medical facilities, technology companies and manufacturing capacity. This development will not benefit Bracebridge residents long term despite vague promises.


The Bottom Line

We are being misled. Vague promises of jobs are not guaranteed.

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