Longer hospital wait times, more stress on our infrastructure


More than 2,000 students = longer hospital wait times, stressed local services, higher property taxes

Imagine the impact a population boom of more than 2,000 students plus their families, teachers and administrators flooding into our town overnight.

As many as one out of every five people in Bracebridge will be brand new to the town because of Muskoka Royale College.

Imagine the impact on our 59-bed hospital… how much longer you will have to wait in an emergency room or for a bed… how much pressure this will put on the entire Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare system and the hospital services we and our friends and neighbours rely on. This has regional ramifications for healthcare.

Imagine the impact on water filtration, sewers, landfill, and other infrastructure.

Students don’t pay taxes. They don’t shop locally. But they will put pressure on our local infrastructure. They will be taking showers, using toilets, crowding our parks and beaches.

Who pays? We will, twice over – in lost quality of life and higher taxes to pay for over-stressed infrastructure.


The Bottom Line

Is that what we want for our town, our children’s future?

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