The developer of Muskoka Royale Development is asking our Town Planning and Councillors to amend our OFFICIAL PLAN and to REZONE our lands, from Open Space to Institutional. This is SIGNIFICANT. The Town has a duty of care to purport damage. We request, before any determination is made, that the following studies be required:

  1. An Ontario Wetland Evaluation System Study (OWES) - to evaluate and determine the significance of wetlands based on science according to Ontario's Provincial Policy Statement (PPS), issued under the authority of the Planning Act.
  2. An Economic Impact Study - how this will affect our infrastructure and economy.
  3. A Viability Study - can this business survive as experts have said it can’t.
  4. A Character And Compatibility Study - do the structures suit the Muskoka Landscape and area.
  5. An Impact Study On Social Services - with the increase of 2,000 people to the community, how will this be financed and how will access to our services be affected.
  6. All studies need to be Peer reviewed.
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We, the undersigned, support responsible and measured development that preserves our town’s natural areas.

The proposed Muskoka Royale College project will cause unnecessary destruction of ecologically important wetlands in Bracebridge.

Town infrastructure and amenities are not equipped to manage the proposed population growth that is projected with this development.

We’re asking that Bracebridge Town Council deny the Muskoka Royale College application.

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Send this to your friends and neighbours and talk to them about why this development isn’t right for Bracebridge. Make sure they’re well informed.

Let's Protect Muskoka

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Let's Protect Muskoka

© Let's Protect Muskoka