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An initiative of the South Bracebridge Environmental Protection Group, Protect Muskoka provides a platform for broader public discussion on smart land-use planning and its social impacts. Prior to it being formed, few in the community were aware of the request to rezone 443 acres of sensitive wetlands by the developer of Muskoka Royale College (MRC).

The challenges facing our town and our next generations should be decided with community involvement. With climate change and ecological destruction everywhere, infrastructure and broader community issues at stake, public education and discussion about this development and land use has never been more important.

Protect Muskoka is now supported by thousands of voices in Bracebridge and the Muskoka District with respect to the rezoning request by Muskoka Royale College, and it will continue to keep this community informed on its status.

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A Toronto developer wants Bracebridge Council to rubber stamp the rezoning of our wetlands for an international boarding school that will destroy our wetlands and forests, change our landscape forever, and have negative consequences to our town for generations. Here’s why it’s a bad idea and why we need to stop it.

What’s really in it for us when it comes to Muskoka Royale College?

Our wetlands destroyed for their profit. This is an international boarding school development that will ruin 443 acres of wetlands, destroy forests and blast rock barrens to build four-storey buildings, sportsplexes, parking lots and much more.

Longer hospital wait-times, more stress on our infrastructure. The population of Bracebridge will increase by more than 2,000 people.  We have a shortage of nurses and doctors.  Health care workers are having difficulty finding accommodation in our small town and so we cannot support them.

2,000+ students who don’t pay taxes. More than 2,000 international students who will use our hospital and services but who don’t pay taxes will flood into Bracebridge to attend school built exclusively for those who can afford to pay.

False claims on teaching and other jobs. Teaching jobs will not go to locals.

A unique Muskoka vista destroyed. It will be ruined - gone forever, replaced by a monolithic institution.

Where is the proposed development located? The proposed development is located between Stephens Bay Road and Highway 118, south of Beaumont Drive and downtown Bracebridge, visible from Lake Muskoka. The site consists of 443 wetland acres on the western portion of the property for the school complex, and 440 adjacent acres are also owned by the developer. The access road from Highway 118 aligned with the approved District of Muskoka West Transportation Bypass will destroy wetlands, forests and the downtown economy. The proposed site is the size of downtown Bracebridge.

Proposed Development

Say no to this development. Take action now. Share this with your neighbours.

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