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Tell the Ontario government to protect Muskoka - now is the time to join together and make a difference.

Bracebridge, Gravenhurst, Lake of Bays, Port Carling…this affects all of us! Say no to this development!

These questions need answers and studies MUST be done:

  1. How can you rezone and destroy our wetlands for this development?
  2. What impact will 2,000 non-tax-paying international students have on our hospitals, landfills, water filtration plants? And our parks and beaches?
  3. How will you explain to us and future generations that ruining the wetlands and landscape of pristine Muskoka was worth it for this development?
  4. Council must demand that MRC does an Economic and Viability Study
  5. and a Character And Compatibility Study,
  6. and an Ontario Wetland Evaluation System Study (OWES),
  7. and an Impact Study On Social Services
  8. and all studies to be Peer reviewed.

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Tell the government you want answers on protection of wetlands, endangered species and natural heritage in Muskoka.  Ask them what they are doing to Protect Muskoka from development that destroys our Muskoka.

Send your letter today!

Click on an email below if you’d like to contact your local MPP or Minister.

Email all

Hon. Graydon Smith
MPP Parry Sound Muskoka
Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry

Hon. David Piccini
Minister Environment, Conservation and Parks

Hon. Doug Ford

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